Parenting Judgement Indicator

What is the PJI?

The PJI is meant to help you make family decisions with your children in a flexible and wise way.  It can teach you how to select the decision making approach with the best chance of success.  The PJI is designed to help parents develop their relationship with their children.

The PJI contains 17 family decision making situations that will be very familiar to you.  In each one, all you have to do is put yourself in the position of the parent and decide on the merit of four different ways of involving the children.  The children in each scenario are in the 9 - 11 year age range but you are welcome to complete the PJI even if your children are much younger or older than this!  It will still help you.

30 – 40 Minutes
Many people find that they can complete the PJI within 30 to 40 minutes.  Just work as quickly as you can, but it doesn't matter if you take longer.  Try to do it in one go and answer the questions in the way that reflects your judgement about the best way of dealing with the children.  It is also a good idea to arrange a time when you can complete it on your own without distractions.

Your Results
You will be able to order the Personal Insight Report, which is a 12 page narrative report that helps you understand your style of parenting in some detail. 

Arrange to complete the PJI by following this link - Access to Parenting Judgement Indicator

See the PJI Personal Insight Report - this is a narrative report that gives much useful information about your approach to decision making with children.

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