Example PJI Scenarios

Day out with grandmotherDay Out With Grandmother

Grandmother is going out on a day drip with a friend.  Unfortunately, the friend has become poorly so she offers to take one of her two grandchildren, aged 11 and 12, instead.  The problem is, both grandchildren are equally deserving and both would like to go. No further tickets can be purchased and the grandchild who cannot go is likely to be disappointed and will make their disagreement clear.  The decision to be made by the Mother and Father is, who should go on the outing with Grandmother?  

The Mother and Father think they have four choices about how to make this decision:    

  1. Just tell the children which child will be going without any discussion.
  2. Ask the children about their ideas and suggestions and then make a decision about which child should go.
  3. Hold a discussion with both children and together decide which child should go.
  4. Allow the children themselves to decide which one of them should go.

After you have completed the Parenting Judgement Indicator, PJI, you will have a much better idea about the merits of each strategy.  You will learn about your own style of decision making and be able to compare it with how other parents respond in situations like this.  You will also get advice about how to develop your approach in the future.  If you can persuade your partner or other carers to do so, you can imagine how the children will benefit from the newfound consistency between you! 

You can find out more about how to complete the PJI by clicking here.

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