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You can find here a little bit about the three of us who were first involved in the creation of our approach. If anybody wishes to contact us to discuss anything about Formula 4 Parenting we would be delighted to hear from you. This is our passion and we are keen to share it!

Nick Burnard 

Nick looks after the IT side of Formula 4 Parenting.  He must take a lot of credit for the evolution of the materials and making them accessible to all parents who have access to the world wide web. 

Michael Lock

I am a child and educational psychologist.  I gained my qualification in child psychology in 1984 and then worked as an educational/school psychologist for five years before setting up my own consultancy.  Since then, I have enjoyed working with adults and children with specific learning difficulties.  With Bob Wheeler, I am one of the two original authors of the Parenting Judgement Indicator (PJI) and the framework behind it.  I have five sons with a 29 year age range and recently teamed up with a fellow psychologist who has five daughters.  We interviewed each other's children about our role as a father and the stories that were generated from that research now help influence my approach to Formula 4 Parenting.


Bob Wheeler - a personal overview

Developing the Formula 4 Parenting Model and the products on this website with Michael Lock has been one of my most satisfying achievements. 

My work background is that I graduated in law from Cambridge University, qualified as a barrister then worked in a range of increasingly senior human resources positions.

I enjoy cooking and spending time with my wife, three children and dog.  I am really interested in team sports and when called on, I still play cricket to a poor standard but extremely enthusiastically.

Latest News

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    Cameron says, "We all need more help with this – the most important job we’ll ever have."

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  • Improving Pupil Participation in Schools

    The Participation Support Programme (PSP) for Schools is a bespoke programme designed and delivered by National Children's Bureau Northern Island

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