It is a 40 minute, engaging online questionnaire that parents can complete at home. It produces a report that gives developmental advice to parents about encouraging their child’s participation within the home. These skills are readily transferable into school, dovetailing into the school’s improvement policy. This might be seeking, for example, to actively engage parents and carers in their children’s learning in school and at home.

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Creating a community based approach to developing children’s participation in schools

The DfE is committed to encouraging all schools to find meaningful ways of giving children and young people a voice, so enabling them to understand that their opinions count. The PJI draws parents into that process for it is a home-school bridging tool that helps to ensure children’s participation in both arenas, actively aiding parents and teachers to pull together so that children make the most of their education.

The involvement of young people is now identified as an indicator of effective school performance and leadership; it is also a specific goal in promoting engagement among schools, staff, pupils, parents, families and communities. As part of the school development planning process, schools are required to demonstrate that there is a commitment to involve young people in discussions and decisions in school life that directly affect them and to listen to their views.  Using the PJI to make the ‘pupil voice’ heard provides Ofsted with evidence of this.

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